Gabriela Abram, Co-Founder Director of Pacagua..

Curriculum Vitae

Gabriela is Founder of Pacagua and creator of Our Work Model applied in Trainings and Workshops, based on horse Assisted Education. She is the creator of Horse Assisted Healing Techniques.
Since she was little, she developed a sensitive approach to horses, which she deepened with her own experiences as well as, adquired in various trainings that range from shamanism to different healing techniques.
In the last 15 years in Pacagua, she has created exclusive Healing with Horses Techniques, and together with Monica Belloni, she is co-creator of Horse Assisted Family Constellations.
With more than 100 training workshops in Argentina and Latin America, having trained hundreds of people, and given hundreds of workshops up to the present, she is undoubtedly one of the people with greater recognition in the world of Emotional and Spiritual Healing with Horses.

Experience developed in Pacagua

Year 2005 a 2008

Developing workshops on horse-assisted learning and Horse Assisted Emotional Healing Techniques.

We can mention among the most important workshops:

  • Leadership and Personal Development with Horses
  • Caballos, espejos del Alma (Horses, Mirror of the Soul) ©
  • Horses and Spirituality
  • Self-knowledge, Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Equine Wisdom for Women
  • Equine Wisdom for Teens
  • Workshops for Children
  • Playing with Horses, for the whole family

Year 2009

The workshops for are added:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Gabriela teaches these courses in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • México

She begins to Train people with the following workshop Curso Intensivo de Formación Asistida por Caballos.

Since 2009, Gabriela has given this training more than 55 times in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador.

Years 2010 and 2011

Pacagua incorporates the Train the Trainer, a postgraduate training exclusively for the Graduates of the Training Workshop.

Together with Mónica Belloni, she develops the Horse Assisted Family Constellations method, giving more than one workshop per month until now.

Pacagua also develops workshops with Sounds and Horses with the participation of Gustavo Xibilia in the harmonizations with sounds.

Year 2012

Start organizing Healing Retreats:

  • Women and Horses Under the Moon
  • Healing with Horses and Sounds under the Moon
  • New Year's Eve Healing Retreats

Year 2013

Gabriela and Mónica Belloni develop the Training in Horse Assisted Family Constellations.

This Training has been dictated in Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia.

Year 2020

Gabriela develops virtual workshops by Zoom

  • Horse Language
  • Horses in Coaching, Learning, Healing and Constellations
  • Leadership and Horses

Gabriela has written the following ebooks:/p>

  • Perceiveing as a Horse
  • Perceiveing as a Horse, the Workbook
  • Perceiveing as a Horse has been translated to portuguese, italian and English

Other Experiences

  • Imprinting and taming of foals and colts with Michelle Hahn at Haras Altos de Casares.
  • Correction of traumas in abused horses.


  • Horse Massage Training Level I and Level II, with Dr. Anahi Zlotnik
  • Nature of the Horse with Dr. Anahi Zlotnik
  • Dressage India with Oscar Scarpatti
  • Join Up with Michelle Hahn, Monty Roberts' representative in Latin America
  • Follow Up with Michelle Hahn, Monty Roberts Latin America representative
  • EAGALA Level I and Level II Certification
  • Shamanism, studied from 2004 to 2007 with Foster Perry
  • Gemotherapy, at the Crystal Wisdom Institute
  • Magnet therapy, with Silvia De Martino
  • Second Level of Reiki
  • Akashic Records Reader with Gladys Moretti
  • Amazon Riding and Showjumping until 2002


  • English Literary and Scientist English Translator Universidad del Salvador
  • Portuguese.
  • Spanish